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"A Smile on Every Face"  is my goal.  Whether I perform for a retirement center, a senior citizen luncheon, or a assisted-living facility I use music, humor and enthusiasm to see those smiles.  

My show is a 'Branson' style show, upbeat and personal with a lot of up close interaction. "Songs You Like" means that my shows are geared toward my audience's age group and their tastes.  

I sing and play: 
Fully self-contained.  Volume is never an issue. 

Swing, sing-a-longs, light country, ethnic, patriotic and inspirational music are included. Glenn Miller, Patsy Cline, Michael Buble, Louis Armstrong, the Temptations, George Gershwin and Josh Groban are just a few names I perform.

I honor senior citizens in my shows for the sacrifice, work and service they've made to build our own, great USA.